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Pin Wheel Charters Hollis, New Hampshire

Hi. I'm Tyler McLaughlin.​ ​​ I'm 25 years old and started tuna fishing with my dad when I was just three years old. Upon graduation from Nichols College in 2011, I bought a 35ft Donelle fishing vessel and have been commercially tuna fishing onboard the PinWheel ever since.​ ​​

Summer 2012 I was approached by National Geographic Television Channel, and they signed me for four years to take cameras and camera crew onboard with me to film my fishing seasons. Season II of the TV show Wicked Tuna is airing now. This experience has been rocky with many ups and a few downs, but one thing is for certain — my love for tuna fishing is a feeling that will last forever.​

What PinWheel means in regards to tuna fish: ​Once the Tuna Fish develops high levels of hypoxia, it will change its fighting tactic, coming to the surface and then going deep again. With the ensuing fatigue, it can no longer maintain an upright orientation and will begin to succumb to line pressure by laying over. This results in a circling swimming motion, which is the first indication of a tired fish. if you can create a slight heads-up attitude by pumping the rod, the fish will swim itself in circles toward the surface. ​

Commercial Tuna Fishing And Chartering for Tuna, Shark, Striped Bass, Bluefish as Well as Ground Fishing.

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  1. Drew Wilmot


    What age is the youngest person you took on a tuna charter trip?

  2. Kristy Allen


    Hi There.

    My husband to be and I are huge fans and always rooting for PinWheel!! We we wondering how much to book a charter with you for our honey moon or whatever available dates you have during Tuna season.

    Thanks so much Kristy :)

  3. The Name of the game is scare money don't make no money

  4. Julie Basmadjian


    Hi Tyler,

    My son Johnny is a HUGE FAN... He watches Wicked Tuna every week and always wants Pinwheel to win...

    He's 23 and been fishing since he was 5. His grandfather taught him to fish... He's fished Marlin's in Hawaii, Tuna on long range trips and Bassmaster Classics. Fishing is in his blood!!!

    His dream would be to fish on Pinwheel with YOU!!! Please let me know when there are possible charters available.


    Julie Basmadjian

  5. Hey man. I wanted to get my dad out on the water one day. He is a fan of the show but an ever bigger fan of fishing. We have not been able to get out and do and deep sea fishing in a while but would love to. Please let me know when u have an opening. Thanks again...btw smoke the hot tuna

  6. Tor Kristian Isaksen


    HEY dude .. INterested in a deckhand?? If you buy me the planeticket i'll work for free

  7. Jim Ordeshook


    Tyler, I would like to thank you once again for lending us a anchor set up on Friday you saved us several hours of not having to go back to shore and find one. You are a true sportsman and a great fisherman. the best of luck to you and may the tuna gods be on your side

  8. Hi Tyler, do you want to try something new? Something stronger than knots and crimps? Please look out for Lynx Fishing, or YouTube Lynx fishing 750lb tuna.

    Regards Mark

  9. Hi Tyler, do you want to try something new? Something stronger than knots and crimps? Please look out for Lynx Fishing, or YouTube Lynx fishing 750lb tuna.

    Regards Mark

  10. Neil Tsakatsa


    I have no fishing experience but I always hope to catch a fish one day.I watch Wicked Tuna almost everyday and I always want the PinWheel to win !!!!!

  11. Hi Tyler. I like plump tuna.

  12. Gern Blanston


    YOU ARE SUCH A JERKOFF> Mess with a man's equipment? YOu NEEd youR Ass BEAT!

    1. Dark Overlord


      I heard that YOU are the one that likes playing with other mens equipment. Did your boyfriend Dave put you up to posting.

  13. Irvin James



  14. Andre Wood


    Tyler, .com deserved that cutting. Screw him and his fancy boat. People might not know, but Dave is a pilot as well so he is not making a total living on the boat. He is nothing but a lier and chump. Beat his butt this year bro

  15. Ty, hey guy. Just shooting a message over to see who made you new set of rods for the 2015 season. The red, fade to yellow blank ones.
    Hit me back with a email..leave me know.
    I want to go with a set of 4 myself. If I like your builder I'll go with him.
    Thanks man.

  16. Thomas flynn


    Hey Tyler 'THE PINWHEEL' worrier. I live in Folkestone England j have a little fishing experience I want to get out of the country one day and was hoping if I can come work with you? If this messages ever hits you at least you may like to take the risk I'm 20 years old and looking to be on the pinwheel 24/7 and start slaying tuna for a living!!

  17. Jon Hillman


    You whine about being considered a punk and a clown. You ACT like a punk and clown. You vandalize other peoples property. You pull a skier through the fleet while they are fishing for a livelihood. Even you admitted you were hiring friends instead of fishermen.

    Now you attack a guy and send him to the ER. Then you run and hide.

    Oh, one final thing. The SECOND SEASON of Wicked Tuna was in 2013. Three years ago.Season 2 is NOT "airing now". This suggests you do not pay attention to details. Details are what make or break a true professional. Big things get taken care of out of necessity. Little things are what separate the men (professionals) from the boys (punks, clowns and pretenders).

    I would not trust you to go get a cup of coffee much less go to sea with you.

    1. For a guy who's into details, you might wanna check when Tyler wrote that. Juz sayin' idjit.

    2. Going back and reading this makes me laugh so hard...

      All it takes is one young kid threatening saggy balls and they lose their minds. This guy whining on the internet...did that solve your problems? Are you proud of your semantics? 😂. Has to be a .com tightwad. This man would be a miserable millionaire.

  18. nick richardson


    Hey Tyler, I know you get this a lot. I would like the chance to work for you. hard working , dependable , and will leave today if given the chance. internship is all I'm asking for. just the chance. I respect your knowledge and the way you handle your shit yet have fun doing it. thanks for your time.

  19. Frostbite


    Hey Tyler,
      To Hell with Fag!! Love watching you and Duffy take Dave's ego down and having a great time pulling in all those slob tuna. Always look forward to watching you guys living the dream. Keep it up.

  20. Frank Candlish


    Tyler, I commend you on your performance..I was always rooting for someone else until this year. Dot Coms last fish was a definate $11 or $12 a pound fish..After watching Wicked Tuna for years, I got to the point where I can guess the price per pound..Any you got a new fan, and I look forward to next year.

  21. @ Jon Hillman ~ In the freezing waters of October 2014 this young man that you refer to as "... a punk and clown" saved the lives of two other fishermen as their FV went down.
    YOU may not like him but dude, you should respect him. He is an American Hero.

  22. Is there an email to make future bookings?

  23. Cheryl Porter Clark


    Love your new hair cut and cute gal pal! People take you seriously when you present yourself as you are now! Big fan here!

  24. Does this ass hole get back to anyone?????

    1. Obviously you cannot read. This is a comment section, not a direct line to chat with Tyler. Food for thought, don’t judge a person that you think you know just because you see him in your living room every week on t.v. You DO NOT know anything about Tyler!

  25. Jason Stallings


    Hey, Tyler have you ever thought about fish tournament like the Big Fish classic or white Marlin Open in Ocean city Maryland. Check them out . Some of southern boat you fish with are in them. Keep kicking ass . Big fan Jason

  26. Eric fillion


    Hey T, I'm looking to book a charter for the 2018 season, I'm from Harpswell Maine, I've caught every species of fish in New England fresh and saltwater, other than tuna! I know your the guy to help me with this, let me know if and or when you have available days. Hope you still do charters.

  27. I have every day to go fishing I'm from Hampton Beach N.H. let me know if u need a mate I'm qualified 386-675-9204

  28. Matthew Cavalieri


    I would like to book a charter in 2019 do you have any openings

  29. Tyler,

    I wanna talk to you about using another piece of tech while trolling with your green stick.

    1. Well, if you're willing to spend the gas money to troll, this tech, while useful for trolling, can be very beneficial in locating schools of tuna so you can put yourself right in their path. Then cut your engine and let them come to you.

  30. Tyler my name is KC I’m a 53 year old union electrician from New Jersey I’ve been fishing longer than you’ve existed! Let me come work for you as your mate guaranteed success bro! Gimme a call or email me!

  31. Steven Gallant


    Hi Tyler my name is Steven Gallant and I am 34 years old and live and operate my own tuna charter business in beautiful Prince Edward Island Canada. I follow you a lot on the show because ive noticed that out of all you guy fishing on the show you and I must think alike because with your love and dedication and gear you use plus your technic and the way you set up to catch are almost exactly the way I have been fishing for years and it has giving me lots of fish every year and as I see on show it works great for you too. Anyway the reason I'm reaching out to you is that I would really appreciate if you would ever consider giving me a call to have a chat or email even but I understand you probably get people bothering you all the time for this. My phone number is 19022158096 and email is I would like to offer you a free tuna charter with me to come catch some 800lbs to 1200lbs Bluefin over here bud. S I hope you find the time and give me a call or email please and thanks. Hope to hear from you soon buudy.

  32. penney helms


    As a long-time Outer Banks visitor, I thoroughly enjoy watching Wicked Tuna Outer Banks. We have strolled through Wanchese many times over the years. It's good to see a healthy competition with you all and the home teams.

    My most sincere sympathy in the loss of your crew member this summer. I can't imagine how close two people are while working on a boat and depending on each other. Southern prayers for you.

  33. Carol Mackell


    Hi Tyler,

    I live in Somersworth NH and my husband and I watch Wicked Tuna all the time. First I would like to show my deepest sympathy for the loss of Duffy, he seemed like such a nice person and A good friend to you. I was also wondering where in Rye you dock The Pinwheel? I have an adopted 8 year old little girl that watches the show with us and I would like to show her your boat. My husband an I love to fish for stripers as well and was wondering if you know of any good places to fish for them on shore?

  34. Linda Barone


    Hi Tyler, first I want to express my deepest condolences to you and Duffy’s family for your loss. I enjoyed the show more when he was your mate. It seemed you were better matched to catch more fish. What ever the reason for his passing, it is very traggic that he passed at such a young age. I hope he’s catching the biggest tuna in heaven.
    I hope you find a good mate. I love the show and even watch the recordings on demand. May God watch over you and keep all of you safe out there. May the “ Tuna Gods” be with you.

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